Christmas is Here Again...


Christmas is almost here!!!

It is an exciting time of the year and with the weather we've been having, who cannot think about holidays and beaches and time away!!?

It is also one of the most understated times of our yearly church calendar. 

Every year passes and Christmas is treated the same.

And somewhere in the midst of it, baby Jesus. God's gift to humanity. But it wasn't a gift. It was a necessity. There was nothing else that could be done. It had to happen. It was the end of the line.

It wasn't just a gift. It was a sacrificing expression of complete love.


Christmas is a moving time. A sober time. And the symbolism surrounding that event 2,000 years ago should not be lost in the cultural echoes of our modern times. That Jesus chose to be born in Bethlehem to illegitimate teenage parents, shunned by their families. Relegated to spend his first days on Earth in a animal feeding trough. Born in the shadow of the Herodion, Herod's palace overlooking the small town of Bethlehem. In a country, small and insignificant, in a small corner of one of the greatest empires of human history. Where the emperor took the name 

Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus

The Emperor Caesar, son of god, August... venerable, glorious, magnificent.

And Jesus chose how His birth was to happen. Every detail. Which should tell us a lot about who he is. What he holds dear to.

His birth was not announced in the Forum of Rome or from the Acropolis of Athens. His birth was announced to poor shepherds who could only tend their flocks at night. No room for them during the day. Angels wasted on those who really didn't count all that much in society. Yet, that was the plan. That was how the Triune God chose it to be. 

May this Christmas, amongst all that it entails, be a time that we acknowledge the great plan that our Father in heaven put in place, and the obedience of Jesus who chose an un-glorious coming. Humble and self-effacing. 

Born out of necessity.
For you and me. For all humanity!