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Pitfalls in Dealing with Crisis in Church

Against_all_oddsOk, so this is my first blog since being on leave. Quite a lot of things I've been processing. Discipleship. Church growth. Next steps for Opawa. My personal vision for the future.

Discernment has been high on the prayer list. Things at Opawa have been great, but the earthquakes have shaken more than just the ground, and it feels like at times we are just going from one crisis to the another. Some words of wisdom from T. David Beck from Sanctuary Covenant Church in Sacramento, in regards to his own dealings : 

"First, the more anxious we grew, the more we focused on saving the church rather than abiding in God's presence. This threatened to force us into bad decisions. Second, the more desperate I grew about Sanctuary's situation, the more I wanted to attract attention to our church rather than to Jesus. "We are this. We are that. Join us!" I noticed how quickly pastoral insecurity breeds a look-at-us syndrome. A church looking at itself is not looking at its Lord. Third, I struggled with an ongoing temptation to scurry around the edges of the flock looking for straying sheep rather than walking ahead confidently on the trail God laid out for us. I learned that if people are going to leave, they are going to leave. A pastor is best off paying close attention to the voice of the "great Shepherd," not obsessing about the sheep."

You can read the whole article here.