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Psalm 40 and the Truth About Patience

IMG_0128Psalm 40 can be summed with 2 lines... the first line of the Psalm is:

"I waited patiently for the Lord" (ESV)

The last line of Psalm is:

"Do not delay, O my God!" (ESV)

Obviously, there is a slight discrepancy between beginning and end! It's symptomatic to what is found in between, an arm wrestle of contrasts. From praising God to desperate calls for help. From standing firm in belief, to being lost in rejection. The underlining word that seems to jump out is patience.

"I want to be patient, I am patient, but please Lord hurry. I trust you, but where are you?"

Most people when they are sinking in quicksand, struggle real hard to get out, it’s our natural instinct. Here’s the thing, the harder you struggle, the faster you go down. But patience isn't just about trust. It isn't just about waiting for God to come through though you are up to your neck in muck... Patience is also about direction. When swimming against a strong current, your natural instinct is to swim against it, not across it. Knowing which way to swim can be a matter of life and death. Understanding God's direction in your life is just as important as trust when it comes to patience. 

I'm not sure patience is something we'll perfect this side of heaven, but God is ok with that. He understands the struggles, that's why I love this psalm so much!  

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